What Others Are Saying

About Page Turner:

Valerie is offering us an opportunity with Page Turner. What she is giving us is a chance to take a journey through verse guided by someone who crafts it with intentionality and curiosity. Smooth or Lumpy, these poems, with special attention to syntax and diction, are crafted in a way that conveys how poetry can widen our sight and deepen our exploration of our own lives and all the things happening around us.  Dasan Ahanu, Poet, Emcee, Writer, Playwright, Performance Artist, Lecturer, Educator

– Dasan Ahanu, Poet, Emcee, Writer, Playwright, Performance Artist, Lecturer, Educator

Valerie Macon collects delicious moments—moments of irony, of coincidence, of exaltation and transcendence—and asks us to taste them, rolling them around on our tongues to savor the complex flavors.

–Robert Alden Rubin, editor of Poetry Out Loud

Valerie strokes concise vivid images with words. She is the 21st century abridged Eugene Fields.”
-Celeste Slater

About The Shape of Today:

This book is a nice serving of tasty poetry, full of the realities of life. It’s a case where eating words, the poet’s, is a really satisfying experience. Not only will you find the poet introducing you to soft, sweet peaches but to many fascinating, tough, tangible people. A good read!
–Prof. Bradley R. Strahan, Editor of Visions International

Valerie’s poems are loaded with electric ah ha’s that, as one line reads, ooze gold over slow silver. You won’t need money to dream, honey, your mind will dance like calories on fire and you may Change your shoes, change your life as you encounter tactfully massaged working class jargon in verve filled poems that will rivet you . . . like finding a had-to have at an Estate Sale.
–Bill Blackley, MD

The Shape of Today is like Instagram in words. Valerie Macon’s new collection evokes all the senses from “sugar sand” and “a gut-slicked hand” to “Priscilla curtains (that) lift and fall with a breeze.” These real-life snapshots preserve moments worthy of poetry. There’s food for thought here as a woman sorts and gobbles M&Ms, a matron tosses the remains of her Taco Bell feast on the asphalt, workers sweat, and nature struggles.
–Nancy Young

“. . . Your poems are packed with levels of meaning–they are a source of new insight every time they are read. The people in them are individuals we have all known, as recognizable as our own faces when we look into a mirror.”
-Suzanne Newton, Author