Chasing After the Wind

Chasing After the Wind by Valerie J. Macon is available for sale in most major online bookstores including Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Quail Ridge Books, and more.

Open the cover of this book and embark on a poetic journey that captures the impermanence that sculpts our world, the fragile balance between creation and decay. Witness a nursing home that succumbs to nature’s embrace, feel the desert sands reclaiming an abandoned town, and explore an estate sale revealing musty rooms filled with orphaned excess. Each poem in this collection is a brushstroke in a carefully painted scene that reminds us that life’s creations are fleeting. This poetry will linger in your thoughts long after the last page is turned.

Who Can Catch the Wind

when it sifts through our fingers
like the sands of time,
or trembles through trees
chattering leaves
or waves through meadows
and green grazing fields,

when it gales the seas, lashing ships,
whooshes waters over land
drowning our dwellings,
or batters sand and snow into drifts
that bury our towns, 

when it whips wildfires
into consuming blazes
that kindle our treasures,
or blasts our buildings with mighty blows,

Who can catch the wind?
Noone can, when it flies like a bird
unfettered and free,
it forever will be.